Allow me to give you an example…

Around two to three hundred years back, rich women used to stay beautiful and ready all the time. But, the smartest women of that era, who were not rich, had their own tricks of seduction. “They used to stay a bit unprepared all the time.” For example: they were in the habit of leaving their hairs slightly uncombed, and as their desired men appear, they start to fix their hair in front of them. Through their face expressions and acts, they knew how to show that it was an error which they didn’t notice before… This act was powerfully seductive. It always earned them the attention of men and helped them to defeat the richest women of their time.

Now, obviously, you’re a man. But, don’t get afraid to fix your tie or hairs in the presence of other women. Practice it and do it in a graceful manner. If you do it right, women would be charmed, and you would appear surprisingly seductive.